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A Better Way to Grow Cilantro


There seem to be two schools of thought on cilantro.  You either love it or hate it.  And I’m not here to debate the merits of cilantro.  Frankly, I know the merits of cilantro and I love it. And I understand the world still continues to turn for those of you who find it repulsive and there are plenty of other herbs out there for you to love. For me, I can’t imagine a life of eating without cilantro,  and for those of you like me, who love it, I have a great article for you!  I came across this article in Sunset Magazine.

Every year I grow cilantro.  I can never grow enough of it and when it finally gets to the point where I can harvest it, it flowers, goes to seed and that’s the end of my extremely short cilantro season.  I can’t even get in a whole sports season of guacamole!  I don’t even like sports, but watching sports is made bearable with guacamole…lots of it. So fear not cilantro lovers, the crafty and creative growers at Sunset Magazine have proven guacamole and the cilantro in it are easy to have year-round… that is if you can find an avocado this time of year (my friends on the east coast in winter….hmmm…well you probably aren’t reading Sunset Magazine anyhow).

Sow, what do you think?

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