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Food + Tech Connect is Hacking Meat

Sara Bigelow at The Meat Hook (Photo Credit: Danielle Gould)

Food + Tech Connect is a great site that addresses a lot of the issues where food and technology meet.  They are informing consumers about the future of food and doing important work.  If you aren’t familiar with them, you should visit their site.  From sustainable meat to the best green apps for mobile, Food + Tech Connect has a wealth of trends, infographics and great articles about the trends in the technology of food.

Most recently, they have a series of articles regarding the sustainability of meat production and its future.  I encourage you to check out these articles and weigh in.  So many discussions of sustainability and urban farming center around organic vegetable farming and in the city, we sometimes forget about meat as a method of farming.  We have become so far removed from the processing of meat we forget how it’s raised, harvested and delivered to our tables.

We like the discussion that’s going on to include meat as part of the urban farming dialogue.  I hope you do too.  Regardless of whether you are a frequent omnivore, an herbivore, a vegan, a pescatarian or a even a flexitarian, it is important to be just as informed about opposing views as you are of your own views.  The best dialogue comes from informed discussion.  So I encourage you to check it out.

 Hacking Meat is an online conversation exploring how can information and technology be used to hack (or reimagine) a more sustainable, profitable and healthy future of meat. Join the conversation and share your ideas or product requests in the comments, on Twitter using #hackmeat, on Facebook or at the Hack//Meat hackathon happening December 7-9 in NYC.

Other articles  at Food + Tech Connect on this topic:


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