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Food Forward: Urban Agriculture Across America

If you live in California, tomorrow 11/6/2012,  please don’t forget to vote YES for Proposition 37.  We have a right and a need  to know what is in our food.  61 countries across the globe currently have GMO food labeling.  Shouldn’t you decide what you eat and put into your body?

With good food in mind, there is an amazing PBS show called Food Forward that you should watch.  The pilot episode is called Urban Agriculture Across America.  You can see it here.  It is an important look into the amazing urban farming movement going on in the US, including the many forms it takes and the various methods it employs.

Food Forward: Urban Agriculture Across America is a half-hour, character-driven survey of urban farming across the country. We meet the food rebels who are growing food right where we live–in cities. Lively animation starts us off asking some tough questions of industrial agriculture. Then, onto the streets of New York City with Dr. Dickson Despommier, author of The Vertical Farm Project. “Most of us live in cities now, over 50% and up to 80% in 20 years. We love each other, we like to be with each other, we like to sit down to a good meal together and we all know want to know what’s in our food. So why not grow it, where we live?” he asks. This episode is the pilot for a 13-part series in development and scheduled to go into production in 2012.

Please watch.

Watch Pilot Episode: Urban Farming on PBS. See more from Food Forward.

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