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New Publications that Have Us Drooling!

As much as I complain each month about the stacks of subscription magazines we get delivered each month, I have to admit that I secretly love getting them in the mail.  I can literally build a fort and live inside my magazines.  And while print publications seems to be a dwindling medium, I can’t help myself when I find a photo-rich, lusciously printed book filled with images that make me want to eat, grow, plant, make, craft and brainstorm.

Here are a few of the recent subscriptions we’ve added to the collection.  And I hear you, magazines kill trees and the cute furry animals who live in them.  And yes, I also download the companion e-version to my iPad, but it’s just not the same. Ah-hem, I get it.  But these days, it’s so seductive to get something just for you in the mail, right?  I mean other than a bill?

Sweet Paul

I found this lovely gem at Anthropologie, but you can grab yourself a copy online, by clicking the link above.  I just received the latest Fall 2012 issue and I want to dive right in.  Founder, Paul Lowe, a food and prop stylist and crafter, brings wit and whimsy that jumps from each page.  The magazine is published quarterly and offers seasonal food, craft and fun ideas.  This magazine has some great ideas for what to do with your seasonal produce coming out of your garden.

Sated Magazine

Sated is a new independent publication dedicated to beautiful images and thoughtful writings about food. Each issue explores a single subject, such as chocolate, through recipes, interviews, stories, art, and photography. The end result is an intersection of culinary magazine and coffee table artbook. sated is a leisurely exploration into the sideways and byways of food — its history, its meaning, and most importantly, its beauty.

The first issue of sated is the Dark Chocolate issue. It explores the chocolate-making process at a bean to bar company, reveals the best chocolate shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, compares baking chocolate brands, and more. Dark chocolate?  Need we say more?

Urban Farm Magazine

We’ve been readers of this magazine since its first publication.  Each issue has great seasonal information and addresses issues that many city farmers face. Packed with articles about growing food, raising backyard livestock, sustainable living, events and other activities piquing the interest of urban farmers. The articles and content typically stick to traditional methods of gardening, farming and growing.  And while Sow Swell tends to lend a more modern and metropolitan spin on urban farming, Urban Farm Magazine remains a great resource for those just starting out or looking for continued advice to address urban farming topics. Publisher, Bowtie Magazines also offers sister publications that get even more granular about specific topics within urban farming  — Chickens, Orcharding, Canning & Preserving, Organic Farm and many more!

Who’s Hungry?

Holy Moly! If ever was there a source for some hardcore food porn action, Who’s Hungry? (WH) Magazine is it!  Jam packed full of the most stunning and gorgeous food photography, you can practically taste it.  Founded by Stephen Hamilton, a Chicago-based commercial food photographer, best-selling cookbook author and judge on Top Chef Masters.  Who’s Hungry? has published three issues so far and we are definitely hungry for more! And sure, there are recipes and articles, but let’s be honest, no one is reading this magazine for the articles.

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