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Products We Love – Apartment Gardening

We’ve got lots of friends who live in apartments and they tell us they can’t wait to have a house so they can start their own urban farm and eating fresh food from their own backyard.  But we tell them there are lots of options for apartment gardeners and just because you live in an apartment or don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food or get started with a smaller farm.  In an earlier post, we featured some wine crates that make for great mini-garden boxes for growing herbs, lettuce and other vegetables with shallower root systems.  In fact, it’s easier to maintain a garden in an apartment because your needs, in terms of space requirements and maintenance are significantly less than an entire backyard.  So consider your apartment garden your official starter kit urban farm.  And when you do finally get that house, setting up a bigger farm will be a cinch!

Edamame Grow Kit

They may be soybeans to us, but edamame are an extremely popular, all-natural bar snack in Japan. Join in on the delicious and nutritious edamame craze with this DIY edamame growing kit.

Kit comes with a cute ceramic “beer glass” vase, seeds, growing medium, and wicker basket. All you need is water and a sunny window, and soon you’ll be harvesting your own healthy treat. Instructions included. Made in Japan.

Growing Details:
– Seeds will grow about 16″ H
– Ideal for indoors/windowsill, but can be transplanted outside during warmer weather
– When the peapods are round and the seeds pop out when you squeeze them, the edamame is ready to be harvested. Boil, sprinkle with salt, and enjoy!


Postcarden is a beautiful growing, green gift and greeting card all in one!

Designed to be a gift and greeting card, Postcarden is an easy to grow mini-garden for any desktop, windowsill or sideboard. Whether you mailed it or gift it, simply open and pop-up Postcarden’s 3D scene, add the enclosed cress seeds and water. In a matter of days PostCarden will start to grow, lasting for two to three weeks. Made in Wales from beautiful coated card stock, Postcarden comes in three handsome designs —  escape to the sanctuary of your Backyard Garden; experience the grandeur of a Botanical garden; or brighten up a drab City landscape.  Each Postcarden’s cover features commissioned illustration by a young artist which echos the design’s theme.  Enjoyable for all ages, PostCarden will enliven any home or workplace all year round.


Joey Roth Self Watering Planter

Inspired by ancient terracotta in-ground irrigators, this terracotta ceramic planter from Joey Roth follows the same principles of utilizing a center chamber as a water reservoir to provide a natural and continuous source of water for plants.  Perfect for beginning gardeners or gardeners with a self-proclaimed black thumb. The permeable terracotta inner chamber acts as both a filter and regulator of the water that is pulled by the plant’s roots into the outer chamber, a process that prevents over-watering. The simple lid over the inner cylinder blocks the negative effects of evaporation, keeping your water cool and fresh and your plants happy.

Available for pre-order.



This cute piece of innovation is actually a kickstarter project by Portland duo, Nicholas Hyde and Brennan Conroy. The Bloombox is an iPhone and iPod docking station with a natural acoustic amplifying design and space for a planter. They are looking to raise $5,000 to get this project off the ground with a deadline of Saturday September 22.  We can’t think of a better way to keep those indoor herbs rockin.

Sweet Paul Herb Garden Wreath

This weekend, we discovered the quarterly publication called Sweet Paul.  And it is one of the swellest magazines we’ve ever come across.  It’s too bad it’s only quarterly because it is filled with so much visual goodness and great ideas for crafting, cooking and gardening lite.  Sweet Paul’s blog features a how-to on how to create this lovely herb garden wreath project that can be a year-round source of herbs indoors.  The best part is the terracotta pots allow for easy change-outs if a particular herb is giving you grief or if you just need a do-over.  Sweet Paul doesn’t mention this, but to keep that gorgeous moss green and bright, spritz generously with a water spray bottle at least 3-5 times weekly, daily in drier climates and throughout summer.

Photo by Alexandra Grablewski via Sweet Paul Blog

Sian Keegan Stuffed Plants

For those aspiring urban farmers among us, Sian Keegan has created an adorable line of stuffed plants. Aside from a rare sharing of namesake with me, her Esty shop is super cute and filled with furry critters and an assortment of plant “life” for your shopping pleasure.  They require zero watering and provide as much wit and whimsy as the real thing. We hope to continue inspiring you to do the real thing at Sow Swell, but this option is probably the next best thing.  We can’t guarantee the nutritional value of these plants, however.


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