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Modern Gardening Products We Love!

Big Family Planter by Urbio

We are always on the look out for functional yet well designed products that work well for people who live in the city.  Often times it can be impractical to buy gardening supplies when you live in an apartment or only have a small concrete patio.  This is the first installment of Products We Love. Today’s theme is patio gardening.  The featured products are those that would work well indoors, on a small patio or where space is a luxury.

Last month at Dwell on Design, in Los Angeles, we came across a number of really cool small-space ideas.  One of those products was Urbio.  Their unique planter products come in a variety of sizes, but one of the coolest concept for small spaces was their Big Family planter which starts with a magnetic board that is mounted to the wall.  You can then add multiple modular plant containers to it and because they are magnets you can switch them around as your mood suits you or based on sunlight needs.  This is a great option for indoor herb gardens.  Set it up next to a kitchen window for easy access to fresh herbs.  Talk about a new perspective on a spice rack!

Swedish-based company, Born, offers a dual-action watering can.  Full pour spout on one side and shower head on the other.  With its beautifully clean design, it doesn’t need to be hidden and is large enough to manage watering needs of small patio plants, garden boxes and herb gardens.


Also at, you’ll find cool balcony/railing planters by Greenbo.  We love these because when all you have is a balcony, gardening options can be limited.  We love the simplicity of the design and installation.

Tight on space? Look for products that serve more than one purpose.  The Willow Table by Nola does just that.  Have breakfast on the patio with readily available strawberries or blueberries for your oatmeal!  I suppose you may want to rinse them before putting them in your bowl, but these are minor details!  The nice thing about this table is that it’s ready for all kinds of planting!  Succulent gardens, herbs, berries — it’s perfect for switching out seasonally.

Think you can’t have a greenhouse in a small space?  Not any more!  IKEA offers the Socker Greenhouse that can be set up just about anywhere. It’s a steal at $19.99.

IKEA’s Socker Greenhouse found at IKEA Stores

By now you’ve probably heard of Woolly Pocket, but we love their newest addition, Tina.  Tina is a sweet, woolly island for smaller planting needs.  Bundle them together to make a big impact, or place a single Tina planter on your desk for a pop of color.  And get a FREE Tina with a purchase of $150 or more at the Woolly Pocket website.

Tina by Woolly Pocket


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