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Detroit Soup – July Winner: Urban Farm Off-Grid Solar Installation

I have been following a project called Detroit Soup for the past year.  I have so much respect for what founders, Kate Daughdrill and Jessica Hernandez, have started in their hometown of Detroit.  Each month they host a micro-funding crowdsourcing dinner event.  Attendees pay $5 for soup, salad and a piece of pie and members vote on four proposal projects.  Projects are typically artistic or entrepreneurial in nature, but are all about lifting up the city.  The winning project wins proceeds from the evening’s dinner.

Detroit Soup has recently celebrated their second anniversary last February.  This month’s winner, the Urban Farm Off-Grid Solar Installation won $788.48. According to Detroit Soup’s site, the funding will be used to buy system components of a 1.5 kw solar installation at Food Field in mid-town Detroit. The installation will be used as a training for aspiring solar installers and designers that are part of the Green Economy Leadership Training in Highland Park. The unique partnership will help Food Field because completely independent from the power grid, while also training community members in solar photovoltaic technology.

It’s an inspiring idea and one that should be happening in every city across the country.  What can we learn from what Detroit Soup is doing and how can this be applied to help lift up our own communities?  How can this be applied to infusing design into urban farming?

Sow, what do you think?

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