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Garden Overflow? Have a Crop Swap!

Photo credit: Castañeda

We at Sow Swell LOVE to Crop Swap.  A crop swap is a meet up where you organize friends, co-workers, family, neighbors or anyone who wants to share/trade their garden goodies for other produce they may not be growing in their gardens.  But it doesn’t stop at produce. At our crop swaps, our friends and fellow swappers bring fish, baked goods like bread, whoopie pies, cookies, and pies! We’ve even had some folks bring gazpacho  or home-brewed beer for sharing! It’s a lot of fun and people really love attending and seeing what others bring to the table.  The ideas are endless and we like to make our crop swaps as inclusive as possible. Many of our crops swap photos are taken by our photographer pal, Andres Castaneda.

Asparagus, baby purple artichokes and zucchini
Photo credit: Castañeda

The point is, sometimes you just have too much.  How many heirloom tomatoes are you going to eat? Maybe you can eat 50 heirlooms over the season, but me, I like some variety.  And one can only make a finite number of dishes or sides with jalapeños.  At least before your family revolts!  Have a crop swap and get some new stuff into your kitchen.  

Red Swiss Chard

We like to use these gatherings as a time to educate about aspects of Urban Farming.  We will often bring in guest speakers and talk about all sorts of topics like organic gardening, chickens, beekeeping, composting, etc.  It’s a great way to start a dialogue within your community, but you may also find expertise from friends that you may not have known about their hidden talents.  We’re always happily surprised by the wealth of knowledge that springs up during these discussions.  And we hope you will be inspired to share the bounty of your garden gems with others around you.

8 comments on “Garden Overflow? Have a Crop Swap!

  1. Growing Up in the Garden
    July 28, 2012

    Your crop swap looks lovely. I have been participating in a group that does one or two a month and they are truly amazing. We also share our abundance and wisdom between swaps via an email group. Lovely pictures, by the way.

    • sianabanana
      July 30, 2012

      Thanks so much! I love to hear that you are swapping your crops as well. We look forward to doing more of these very soon. Do you ever swap more than just crops or do you stick strictly to produce?

      • Growing Up in the Garden
        July 31, 2012

        While we mostly swap produce it is not uncommon for people to also bring seeds, seedlings, home canned and baked good. We also have a member who brings homemade granola. We have changed the name of our crop swaps to “faire shares” because we actually don’t really trade. Everyone lays out what they have and then you just pick up what you want/need. You can check us out at Happy swapping!

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