design-inspired urban farming

What’s Sow Swell?

Thanks for visiting Sow Swell! We are a destination to find inspiration, information and cool design-inspired urban farming projects. We are big
fans  of modern design and passionate about urban farming and our goal is to bring
these two together and share what we find with you.

We are looking to expand Sow Swell over the coming months and hope you will follow us on our journey in showing just how beautiful and easy urban farming can be. When you think of farming, the first image that springs to mind is typically, American Gothic. We have a deep admiration for traditional farming and the hard-working farmers all over the country who do what they do to
keep their families and so many of us fed. However, we want to bring the traditional philosophies of farming and help make it easy to integrate into city living.

When we first started building our backyard farm, we ran into lots of hurdles and we hope to share some of the things we learned to help others just like us start and maintain their own backyard farms and make it an easier experience.

We hope you’ll take some ideas and make them your own. If you’re new to urban farming we hope you will be inspired to start your own farm. Whether it’s starting a small container garden on your balcony or building raised garden boxes and raising chickens, we hope we can give you the jumpstart you need to get closer to the food you eat. If you’re an old pro, we hope we’ll give you new ideas that can help you continue to grow your farm.

So let’s be friends and visit us often! We like to share take as much as you like!

One comment on “What’s Sow Swell?

  1. sandy ankhasirisan
    September 4, 2012

    This web site is full of good information about urban farming. I can use the technique and information posted on this web site to apply and grow my own food at home which I know it will be safe from pesticide and insecticide. I am glad that this web site shown uban farming can be esthetic which is part of my concern. I just love the information and the nice layout of this web site…..Thank you.

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